Levite Cutlery

Levite Cutlery

Brand: Elia
Product Code: Levite Cutlery

Levite Cutlery

Levite 18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery.

Levite features a distinctive slender lined standing knife which fits the contours of the hand distinctive for ultimate comfort. Polished to a mirror finish, Levite combines style with function and is a real tabletop talking point.

Table Knife ( V Standing) -  Table Knife (Flat)

Table Fork - Table Spoon

Dessert Knife (V Standing)-  Table Knife (Flat)

Dessert Fork - Dessert Spoon

Soup Spoon - Tea Spoon

Elia offers an extensive range of 18/10 cutlery. Please contact us for details and to see their other ranges.